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However even if you have a low credit score you may still have access to credit via a bad credit credit card. Credit cards for bad credit pros. Improves credit score if balance is payed off in full each month. Can lead to an increase in your credit limit a reduction in your interest rate or you may be able to apply for a mainstream card with a lower interest rate or introductory offer. Offers the same consumer protection as other cards. Credit cards for bad credit cons. High level of interest should not be used for long term debt.
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Exclusive to the TotallyMoney.com comparison platform. This offer may appear on sites that we power or advertise through including MSN and Noddle. Understanding credit cards for poor credit. Poor credit credit cards also called bad credit credit cards are designed to help you if you have a poor or non-existent credit record. These cards accept people who would be rejected for a mainstream credit card. They are an excellent way of building up a good credit record. If you get one use it sensibly and pay your balance off in full each month. However they carry very high interest rates typically 2935%APR so NEVER spend more than you can afford to pay back. Stop the cycle of credit card rejection.
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Tick here to agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. You must accept our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy in order to continue. Golden rules for using bad credit cards. Use these cards to rebuild your credit. Spend a little each month and pay it back in full to gradually repair your credit score. Don't use them for new spending unless you've budgeted and can afford to repay. If you don't repay APRs can be horrific. If there's a promotional 0% period clear the debt before it ends or you'll have to pay hefty interest. Always pay at least the monthly minimum If you don't you'll lose any promotional deals be charged a fee and you may have a default put on your credit file.
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Credit cards for bad credit are products which have been tailored to the specific needs of people who have mis-managed credit in the past. If they are used well bad credit credit cards can help customers build the credit history that will improve their credit score and their prospects for getting additional credit in the future. Compare credit cards for bad credit below and start to get your finances back on track. at Aqua's secure site.
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Website Terms of Use. Complaints Data Ombudsman Info. Credit cards are not suitable for long-term borrowing or financing existing debt. Missing payments could have severe consequences and make obtaining credit more difficult. To build your credit rating and be considered for credit limit increases use your card sensibly stay within your credit limit and pay your monthly minimum payment on time. Not doing so could harm your credit rating and ability to obtain credit. Please also keep your other accounts such as credit cards loans catalogues mobile phone and mortgages in order and don't take on too much debt elsewhere.
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If you're looking to rebuild or improve your credit rating following a history of impaired or bad credit then our Foundation Credit Card could help you get back on track. Manageable monthly repayments from 25 and credit limits between 250 and 1500. Set up email and text alerts to help you avoid missing repayments and stay in control. Our mobile app helps you keep on top of your spending on the move. Representative rate 27.5%APR variable. Interest rate on purchases 27.5% p.a. Assumed credit limit 1200. Why choose our Foundation Credit Card? Flexible and manageable monthly repayments from 25.
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These cards tend to carry higher interest rates so its important to shop around and compare options. About Poor Credit Cards. What is poor credit? Bad credit and poor credit sound the same but for credit scoring purposes they are slightly different. Ranges can vary based on the credit card issuer but generally a score between 550 and 649 poor bad credit is anything lower. Poor credit card options. Having poor credit limits your credit card choices but there are card issuers who cater to individuals who have lower credit scores. Many of these cards are basic no-frills cards but some do offer rewards and other perks. One of the most important considerations is the cost of owning the card.
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Automated fraud alerts and free identity theft protection. Ensure that your account stays safe and that you have help when you need it most. Guides to using cards responsibly. Improve your credit rating understand how to build your credit. Manage your account online. No matter where you are no matter the time of day its easy to keep track of your Luma account online. Managing your Luma credit card online is the easiest most secure way to keep track of your finances. Once you register online as a Luma credit cardholder you can. See your statements anytime anywhere. Pay your bill online. Update your account quickly and easily. Reduce paperwork with electronic documents.
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Guaranteed no credit check credit cards. Share this page on Facebook Share this page on Twitter Share this page on Google Plus. Is it possible to get credit cards for bad credit? Its almost impossible without some form of credit history assessment find out more about credit checks and why they matter. While some credit cards are easier to be accepted for if you have a bad credit score or poor credit rating than others there are currently no cards on the market you can get approval for without having a credit check.
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aqua in the press. aqua credit cards are recommended in the media from The Independent to moneysavingexpert.com. Choose your aqua card. We offer four aqua credit cards for people with bad credit. They can all help build your credit rating but theyre all a bit different too. We find reasons to say yes responsibly. We know getting credit isnt always easy. MORE We lend sensibly. Were not the sort of people to give you a huge credit limit if you cant pay it back that usually ends badly. We lend sensibly and responsibly. MORE MORE MORE MORE.

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