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My First Credit Card What Students Should Know NerdWallet. download.
Additionally our star ratings are a mix of user feedback and NerdWallets independent evaluation which are independent of compensation. For a list of all of our advertising partners click here. Advertiser Disclosure Getting My First Credit Card What Every Student Should Know. McGuire June 28 2016 Credit Card Basics Credit Cards. With so many websites offering free financial tools it can be hard to know whom to trust. At NerdWallet we spend literally 1000s of hours researching partner offers and following strict editorial integrity to match you with the perfect choice. We even share how we make money so you can enjoy our expert advice and researched recommendations with total clarity and confidence.
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You need Adobe Reader to view PDF files. You can download Adobe Reader free of charge. Offer only available to new and approved credit card applicants who apply for an ANZ First or ANZ Platinum credit card account with the balance transfer. This is a limited time only offer which may be withdrawn or changed at any time without notice. Offer available in respect of balances transferred from non-ANZ credit and store card accounts only. Not available in conjunction with other offers packages or promotions or in respect of balances transferred from an existing ANZ account. The offer must be requested at the time of applying for the credit card.
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11 Things You Should Know Before You Get Your First Credit Card NerdWallet. download.
MORE What is a credit card? Why you should get a credit card. Credit cards come with numerous benefits. First and perhaps most important a credit card is a good tool to help you build your credit. Good credit can help you obtain future loans like a mortgage at the most favorable rates. It can also help you get approved for an apartment or cell phone avoid utility deposits and get lower insurance premiums. Aside from credit-building credit cards have many other perks. Many cards offer cash or travel rewards generally between 1% and 2% of your purchase price.
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Getting your first credit card. Getting your first credit card. By Anita Shargall last updated 27 April 2017. Using a credit card enables you to build up a credit score or improve it and its a useful addition to your wallet in case of emergencies. But picking your first one can be tricky without the knowledge of which are available to you. Theres a wide range of credit cards on the market so its worth having a look at those available and their particular attributes before applying.
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There had been a dozen attempts by small American banks but none of them were able to last very long. In September 1958 Bank of America launched the BankAmericard in Fresno California which would become the first successful recognizably modern credit card. This card succeeded where others failed by breaking the chicken-and-egg cycle in which consumers did not want to use a card that few merchants would accept and merchants did not want to accept a card that few consumers used. Bank of America chose Fresno because 45% of its residents used the bank and by sending a card to 60000 Fresno residents at once the bank was able to convince merchants to accept the card.
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Tips for getting that first credit card.
Credit Card Terms Glossary. Tips for getting that first credit card. Tips for getting that first credit card. Getting new credit may be bumpy at first but it's worth the ride down the road. Erica Sandberg is a prominent personal finance authority and author of Expecting Money The Essential Financial Plan for New and Growing Families She writes Opening Credits a weekly reader QA column about issues for people who are new to credit for CreditCards.com.
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If youd rather do your own homework than rely on our editors picks the following tips will help guide you to a great first credit card. How To Pick Your First Credit Card 5 Tips. Check your credit score. If you have no prior credit experience you wont have a credit score. So you can focus on cards designed for people with limited or no credit. But you will if youve used credit in the past even as an authorized user. And how good or bad your resulting score is will dictate what cards you should consider. Get a student card if you can. Student credit cards tend to have the best terms of all the cards available to people with limited or no credit.
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Without your own income you'll have to have a joint applicant who does have income to get approved for your first credit card. Where to get your first credit card. Major credit card issuers. If you're enrolled in college you have a very good chance of getting approved for a student credit card from a major credit card issuer. Don't assume every card with student in the title is a good deal. Some student credit cards have high-interest rates and annual fees both make a card a bad option for a first credit card.
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Credit Card Debt Consolidation. How the Interest Rate Affects Credit Card Balance. How to Pay off Credit Card Balance.
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